Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact us if you have any queries or questions regarding Frequently Asked Questions

A full statement of terms and conditions will be provided once a tentative booking is requested.

Can I bring my dog to the ceremony?


Well behaved, leashed dogs are welcome at the ceremony and for photography only.

Agreement is at the discretion of Byrchendale.

How do I lock in my booking to confirm the date?


A $3000.00 deposit paid in full is required within 2 weeks of a tentative booking to fully secure a Byrchendale booking.

Deposits are non refundable or not fully refundable dependent on conditions. Please refer to Byrchendale Terms & Conditions for full details prior to confirming your booking.

Any cancellations need to be in written notification.

Can I BYO my own alcohol?
For a limited time we are allowing BYO alcohol, this is subject to change and may only be permitted for bookings already secured with a deposit.
Bar staff are to cease serving all alcoholic beverages 60mins prior to the conclusion of all functions to comply with council regulations.
Full terms and conditions apply.
When is final payment due?

Guest numbers are to be confirmed no later than 3 weeks prior to your event. Alterations to guest numbers after this time may incur a fee.

Final payment is due 14 days prior to the event. This is non-negotiable.

In the event that full payment is not received 14 days prior to the hire date, Byrchendale reserves the right to cancel the booking. Your deposit is forfeited in this event.

Please refer to Byrchendale Terms and Conditions for full details.



Can the venue be hired for longer?
Total venue hire includes 1 hour for vendors & guests to arrive & 1/2 hour for vendors & guests to depart.
All persons & vehicles must have vacated the premises no later than 12 midnight to comply with council regulations.
What do I agree to by paying a deposit?
You agree to all Byrchendale Terms, Conditions, Fees & charges.
Can I arrange a wedding rehearsal?
A wedding rehearsal can be arranged at the chapel only with your celebrant prior to your wedding.
The date will be dependent on venue availability and will need to be negotiated with Byrchendale.
Can we leave cars overnight?
No, Byrchendale is a private property. Leaving vehicles overnight can also interfere with a next day booking.
All persons and vehicles must vacate the property at the end of the hire period. This includes all vendors and guests.
What transport is available?
Byrchendale has plenty of guest parking available.
Byrchendale suggests the hire of a bus for the convenience of guests. Please ensure your bus & guests arrive no earlier than the commencement hire time.
It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the bus arrives at least 30 mins prior to the conclusion of their hire time.
Byrchendale enjoys a secluded location making taxi transportation a less viable option.
Do I have to provide glasses for my drinks?
If taking advantage of the BYO beverage option,  the client is required to hire glassware. 
Is there a security bond required?
A $2000 deposit is required for all bookings 1 month prior to venue hire and is fully refundable after completion of the event within one week as per conditions.
Please refer to Byrchendale Terms and Conditions for full details.
Will I have setup/ pack down time?
Byrchendale allows 2 hours set-up time the morning of your event. Timing to be agreed upon with Byrchendale.
1 hour pack-down time the night of your event or next morning can be negotiated depending on bookings following your event date. Please ensure that you have enough people and vehicles to collect your all your belongings in the hour allocated.
Additional set-up and pack-up time is at the discretion of Byrchendale & will incur an additional fee.
Access and deliveries are by appointment only. This includes the hire of any outside staff employed by the client. Please appreciate that Byrchendale reserves the right to deny access to our property to any supplier or contractor.
For OH& S reasons, any decorations above arm reach need to arranged no later than 4 weeks prior to your event and be installed by a qualified Byrchendale staff member; this will incur an additional fee. Alternatively, any staff hired by the client to install decorations needs to have appropriate safety certificates and equipment.
All power leads and equipment brought onto the premises need to have been checked and certified by a qualified safety officer and should be tagged and dated.
Byrchendale does not permit confetti or rice. Fresh or dried rose petals are permitted.
Can I return for extra viewings prior to my set up time?
Please take your time at your initial viewing as Byrchendale is a private venue only open for initial viewings, client wedding setup & private functions. Additional viewings are not usually available.
What can I use the bridal room for?
The bridal room at Byrchendale is only available for your bridal party between your ceremony and reception time for drink & canapé refreshments.